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Tournament HQ:

The Davis AYSO Building is located in Community Park, behind the Library, and serves as the HQ for the Davis World Cup. Google Map...

Lost and Found:

There will be a Lost and Found at the Davis AYSO HQ. If you have lost items please go there. Any items lost or left at any of the fields used in the Davis World Cup will be taken to AYSO HQ in Community Park by Field Marshals.

Urgent Care:

For information on urgent care facilities during the Davis World Cup please visit the Urgent Care page.

Davis AYSO Region 218 

AYSO Davis World Cup Tournament 

Memorial Day • May 23-25, 2020

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Teams can register on the Gotsoccer event page

The AYSO Davis World Cup is a unique tournament.

  • All teams are assigned a name of a FIFA country and will be given a flag that represents their country, which creates a fun “World Cup” atmosphere. Teams are encouraged to learn about their country and share little gifts related to the country with their opponents.

  • Tournament is open to AYSO Core/Select,  AYSO Extra & AYSO United teams. We offer brackets for AYSO teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U, boys and girls.

  • The Davis World Cup takes place over three days, with every team guaranteed at least four games, and possibly as many as seven. Every team will reach the elimination rounds! There will be medals for the 1st through 4th place teams of each division.

  • Every player and coach receives a free tournament t-shirt.

  • Tournament pins, vinyl stickers and T-shirts/hoodies will be available at the Davis AYSO HQ. Additional custom T-shirts/hoodies can be bought from the vendor in Community Park.

  • A fun 'KEEPER WARS' tournament on the Saturday evening! Sign-ups will be on site starting at 5:30pm for 10U/12U, and 7:30pm for 14U/16U/19U.