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The Davis World Cup KEEPER WARS!


Keeper Wars is a fast-paced single elimination tournament for players registered in the AYSO Davis World Cup (or in the 2023-24 AYSO / AYSO United program). This event, which is held on the Saturday evening (May 25) of the tournament, is incredibly popular, often with over 300 players participating!  Encourage your entire team to come out, even if they aren't participating, to support and have a great time. This year, every participant will receive a special Keeper Wars souvenir sticker. Winners and Runners-up get a commemorative t-shirt (and loads of glory!)

Food Trucks: This year we will have food trucks selling various dinner options during Keeper Wars, bring the whole team, have a picnic and enjoy Keeper Wars!

Location for 2024: This year we will hold Keeper Wars at NUGGET FIELD, 1801 Moore Blvd at Pole Line (instead of Community Park). Field details to come soon.



FEE: There is a small fee per player to take part ($5). Please bring cash.


FLIGHTS: There will be separate flights for each division, boys and girls, 10U through 19U.


First and second place finishers in all divisions (10UB/G, 12UB/G, 14UB/G, 16UB/G, 19UB/G) will receive a prized Keeper-War Champion or Finalist t-shirt.

SIGN-UP INFORMATION: All Sign-Ups will be on site this year.

DATE: Saturday May 25th 2024

TIME: ALL DIVISIONS: Sign-Up from 5:00pm-6:00pm; Competition from 6:00-8:00pm.

Keeper Wars Rules:

Two opposing goalkeepers attempt to score on each other. The first player to score the set number of goals (two or three depending on early vs. late round and age group), or to possess the higher score at the end of two minutes, wins the match. If there is a tie, the match becomes sudden death and will continue until one player scores. This is a single elimination tournament.


The field is divided into two equal sides with a centerline in the middle. Players may kick, throw, punt, or otherwise propel the ball from their side of the field. If a player steps on or over the line while taking a shot (thrown, kicked, or punted) any resulting goal will be disallowed.


Play continues until the ball is out of bounds. If the ball goes out of bounds possession will be given to the player on the side of the field that the ball exited regardless of who touched it last.


Goals Required/Time by Division:

10U—Early rounds are 90 seconds and first to two goals. Final 16 are two minutes and first to three goals.

12U—Early rounds are 90 seconds and first to two goals. Final 16 are two minutes and first to three goals.

14U—All rounds are two minutes and first to three goals.

16U—All rounds are two minutes and first to three goals

19U—All rounds are two minutes and first to three goals

DWC 24 Keeper Wars Logo - FINAL.jpg
DWC24 special Logo.jpg
DWC 24 Keeper Wars Logo - T-Shirt.jpg

Saturday May 25, 2024, from 6pm

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