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Registration for the Davis World Cup

Registration for the 2020 tournament will open on February 1, 2020. The link for registration will be posted here on that date.

For more information please contact the Davis World Cup Registrar: registrardavisworldcup@gmail.com

Team/Player Eligibility: This tournament is open to AYSO-registered teams. All players must have participated in the prior Fall recreational program or be current members of an AYSO United or AYSO Extra team. 

10U/12U/14U: Recreational and Competitive divisions. 16U/19U: Recreational divisions. 


Will My Team Be Accepted? 

We have limits to the number of teams we can accept, and we often receive more applications than we can accommodate. Our decision on which teams to accept will be based on the order in which applications are filed online, the inclusion of referees in your application, completeness of the application and the registrar’s discretion. 


Will I Be Notified When Registration Is Open? 

The best way to keep up to date is to provide us with your email address by using the Notification link at the right side of this page.

Email completed Roster Change Form to: registrardavisworldcup@gmail.com

Email completed Guest Player Form to: registrardavisworldcup@gmail.com


When we accept teams to the tournament they will be required to provide an official roster printed from the Blue Sombrero registration system (please email an approved roster to registrardavisworldcup@gmail.com).  In addition, all teams must enter their roster in our online tournament registration system. If you have more players on your roster than allowed in our tournament, please cross off the players who will not be participating in the tournament before emailing the team roster to registrardavisworldcup@gmail.com

All players must come from the same AYSO region, although guest players may be accepted (as described below).

Roster Limits:

Please note that we have the following restrictions on roster size, based on AYSO National policies:

10U rosters limited to 10 players

12U rosters limited to 12 players

14U rosters limited to 15 players

16/19U rosters limited to 18 players

Coach information, including certification, must be printed on the roster, and it must be printed by Blue Sombrero (not handwritten or manually typed in).  All coaches must be Safe Haven Certified and be AYSO trained at the age-appropriate level or they will not be allowed to coach at the tournament.

Roster Changes:

If a team needs to add a guest player or drop a player after the original Blue Sombrero roster has been sent in then you either need to submit a new, signed Blue Sombrero roster: